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Nexus Tech Ministry

Welcome to the Calvary Tech Page. Our technology department has experienced an explosion of growth in the last year.

Jesus lived in an agrarian society, which is reflective in all of His teachings. He consistently used metaphors and analogies that dealt with farming to teach people and communicate His message. Advances in technology in our society have left many churches behind. In many ways, church can seem irrelevant and outdated to our culture. Technology is a POWERFUL tool. We would be doing a disservice to the Word of God by not using a means that is a driving force in our society. Technology is not the message; it is merely the platform we use to deliver the message. We have, and will continue to make, advances in technology at Calvary.

We are very excited this year to have launched our Live Video and Video Production Ministry. This is another step in the process to begin Podcasting in an effort to reach our culture with another palatable form of media. The latest addition to media production has been the availability of live DVD recordings of service for a donation of $6. These DVD's are also available, free of charge, to those in our congregation who are unable to be present at a morning service due to health or hospitalization. A sample service can be viewed on the CA home page.

We are honored to have a talented and growing team of humble and hard working techs and we would love for you to be involved. No previous training required. All that is required is a desire to learn and a heart to serve.

We have openings in all of the following positions:

  • Associate Producers
  • Live Mixing Technicians
  • Lighting Technician
  • Live Video Producer
  • Camera Men/Women
  • Projection/Slides

For more information contact Pastor Pete Gillott at